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  1. Chat I was trying to get hold of some bolts to mount my new springs front and rear, So i thought id use the proper bolts for the springs 4.5" 9/16 dia 21mm head hi-tensile x4 5.5" 9/16 ----------""------------ x2 lock nuts to suit...
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    Hey, I've reached the lofty heights of 20 posts, how do I get the rants section back up? Thanks, Ady
  3. Chat
    is it just me or has the rant section gone ? or was there ever a rant section ? i'm i going mad ? i'm sure i read a thread about whotton basset in their yesterday :S:S
  4. On Topic
    this as there are a couple of Q's unanswered, not an excuse to dig up the rants please. Tootall quite rightly questioned the UKK and Unity displays and the Lexus well... Unity attended off their own back to show support to the NSRA and have a club meet up as it WAS one of the better shows with...
  5. Chat
    says i have insufficient priveledges or something? something happened on the road this morning, and i really do need to get it off my chest....... :-)
1-5 of 5 Results