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  1. Tech Discussion
    when thinking about setting up the rear end of a strip car, what poundage, from experience would be best, i know this is a general question with lots of varyations but would a soft spring be better than a stiffer spring or vise versa? for a lightweight brit car (the a40) im looking at about...
  2. Chat
    Not sure where best to post this, but some interesting info for anyone looking to buy a used car, DVLA / VOSA have release 2007 info showing reasons for MOT failures, listed by make & model. Some suspect data, but looks useful to see where the weak points are on any car :tup: BBC ...
  3. Tech Discussion
    Just converted bilstien sruts to 2 and quarter springs,these are to go on 100e running rover,what poundage do i start at ,does 190 sound about right or am i under estermating this .sorry v8
1-3 of 3 Results