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  1. Chat
    Okay guys, I know this isn't our scene, but last night someone went and broke into a Mazda Rotary guy's workshop and nicked four very rare 17" wheels off a Mazda RX7 RSR, they also took the time to remove the calipers and discs. (RZ sizes) These things are like hen's teeth and they belong to a...
  2. What, Where, When ?
    Tiki Munki and The Lamb PH are Holding another show after a great do last year Hot Rod Sunday at The Lamb PH , Church st , Theale Near Reading on 5th july Bbq , fund raising raffle with Great prizes , for thames valley air ambulance ---- £700 raised last year best car's prizes Live Music...
  3. Tech Discussion
    My fuel tank sender reads 0-4 ohms, when i connect it to my dolphin fuel guage it reads quater tank when the fuel tank is three quater's full, there is no adjustment on the guage ??
1-3 of 3 Results