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    What have you all been doing to prepare for Friday....? We have been busy cleaning the cars and checking them over after the long cold winter. Here is a few pictures of insiration for all you rod's and sodders. :tup: You can't beat a ragtop ....:tup:
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    well its nearly that time of year again, clue?? smell of nitro? , burning rubber? oh yes folks santa pods easter thunderball so whos going??? :tup:
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    No not Henry ! Having a morning going over the Nova,i knew the Stg,rack gators were "tired" just didnt realise how tired !:roll:Bry
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    Here we have a twin cam engine and box with wiring and ECU ready to go into a project car. It is a 2002, Alfa 147 engine, the car was written off just over a year ago, engine has NOT run since but that is because the car was stuffed very hard and the fuel cut off activated, it turns over and I...
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    Wheel porn :)
1-5 of 5 Results