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  1. The Garage
    So after lots of lurking and learning I managed to source a half engine from the states for my project car. It's a 1974 four bolt main on standard bores and crank, and at first glance hadn't been run in a long long time. After its arrival I soon found why it had been pulled; head gasket...
  2. The Showroom
    Here is my Chevrolet s10 I did a complete chassis rebuild/restoration over the course of a year. Did everything on this from engine work to body and paint. Replaced both bottoms of the doors and tailgate, that was the only rust on it. The bed I didn't do as much body work on as its a work...
  3. Tech Discussion
    My original manual gearbox in a '53 Chevy Stepside 3 speed column change used to jump out of top gear. A replacement box was fitted which still jumps out of top gear but not as often as the first. Does anyone know of where I could get the first gearbox rebuilt? Preferably Midlands area but...
  4. The Garage
    :D yep the normal car rebuild not fastest but damn im happy Brought this of my frined who i brought the moggie of on ebay as same may of seen its a 1974 mk3 cortina Ghia four door when i brought it, it had already started its transformation put paul then well worked and got lazy and it got...
  5. Tech Discussion
    I have decided to rebuild my 351 Windsor engine can anybody recommend or had any experience with engineering companies that can do the machining on it around the reading area?
  6. Stuff - FOR SALE
    make me an offer for this 305 chevy engine, i believe it to be late 70's. i have changed it out for a rebuilt 350 chevy, but it was running when removed,it has some timing chain rattle and low oil pressure of about 10 to 15 psi and although plenty of people have told me it will run all day long...
  7. On Topic
    Won't have a chance this week to ring Customville or American Auto Parts but was just looking online for a rebuild kit for a Holley 600 4 barrel Anyone know of anyone online in this country that sells them? This is the one i'm after off Holley's website: (I hope:P)...
  8. History Archive
    Thought i would put up some pics & history about Lemon Squash .... I had back in the 80s followed it for a few years & after it became a local car to me i just had to have it :happy: But having missed it being for sale twice & the 3rd time no funds to buy it took a little longer...
  9. The Garage
    hi guy i have been doing the for a few months and never realy posted it on here but here is a link to the full thread and i will keep it updated from now on:tup: matt
  10. On Topic
    I have a 4 speed manual gearbox, i was just wondering how much a new box is, and also how much a full rebuild would be, also clutch and flywheel, (63 chevy c10)
  11. Chat
    Crate engines look great for the money, compared with a full rebuild of your old one. Are they all there cracked up to be ? Theres load of tales of getting them here & there nothing but trouble, but is it just hearsay ? Any feedback, good or bad ?
  12. The Garage
    Thought I'd let you have a look in my garage:shake: I got Tetanus in 1996 It had a 3lt essex and auto fitted I ran it for 2 years as mine and Liz's only car ( mostly fenderless and always roofless) until the gear box let go on Christmas eve at 11pm in the snow, so we got an xflowed anglia as...
1-12 of 12 Results