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  1. Chat
    Hi all, still cant decide if this is chat or on topic but its not really rod related so I'll start here... Looking for a good alloy wheel refurber and someone to to put the cooper stripes on the wifes essex area Any recommendations ? (apart from dont do it of course :D) Ps already...
  2. Chat
    Only one condition - it must be rechargeable. Any suggestions of ones to buy or avoid...? Cheers :tup:
  3. Tech Discussion
    Hi all, My hood at the moment hinges in the middle like a pop. I would like to weld it together and fill as a one piece but would like it hinging like a conventional bonnet i.e hinging from the back. I have done a rough diagram it's not to scal, or anything. The problem is it is Vee shape and so...
  4. On Topic
    Probably should have put this in the Tech section but wasn't sure.:) I am interested getting advice on places for getting parts Chromed in the Yorkshire / North Lincs area ? I need to get the Bumpers on my Buick re-done and would like to know who to get quotes from and who to avoid. I have...
  5. On Topic
    after breathing in loads of grinding dust/rust over the last week that have me feeling like i'm loaded with cold till i get it all blown out my nose (who else looks in the hanky/tissue to see whats come down) decided i should really have a face mask to go with my googles i now allways wear when...
  6. Tech Discussion
    Hi there Having problems with a non-lockup th350... Drops out of gear and only appears to be using 2 gears, don't know if it's skipping 1st, 2nd or not going into 3rd as this is a problem had since I bought the car. It's on a 400ci smallblock and the previous owner assumed it was running a 2...
  7. Tech Discussion
    Don't know if anyone out there can recommend a good contact to carry out some mod work on my 57 Bel Air? The kind of work is things like bespoke exhausts, pas conversion, front suspension mods / rework, sway bars all that sort of thing.. Car has 402 fitted so maybe not as straight forward as...
1-7 of 7 Results