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  1. The Showroom
    Well that's got your attention. Just rolled out after a 5 year build. !961 Ford Consul Classic fitted with Mk5 Cortina V6 with auto box,Mk 3. 2 lt Capri axle, Capri calipers,recaro seats, etc, etc, etc. I have some rostyles for the rear that i have fitted Mk5 cortina rims to gain the correct...
  2. Chat
    i saw it at dales place in oxfordshire yesterday.Andy hasnt seen it yet,so i thought i'd post this to wind him up! seriously though,it is very impressive,still retains those classic fd features yet looks so different. The main body was upside down in his workshop,dont really want to see it the...
  3. Chat
    Where can I get some from? I have searched ebay and t'internet but I can only find black and white. I want fablon/sticky back plastic (very Blue Peter) to do my dash on the '32. Any pointers greatly appreicated! Cheers Hotrod Girl
  4. On Topic
    ... Winton high street this arvo , anybody here ?
  5. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Lisa is at it again ... came up with this and thought you might like it. They are £3.99 post and packing included to any uk mainland address. PM me for further details. The one is shown in red but you can have any colour you require.
  6. Chat
    Was driving back from work, stopped at traffic lights in Denham (where the old Denham Bodyshop Garage used to be.. ) and a Red Convertable '69 Firebird pulled along side. quick chat with driver and off we went. I was the guy in the Black VXR8 just wanted to say.. your car looks/sounds...
  7. Chat
    I always wondered what a Red Arrows pilot would do if they got injured in a crash. After all there's not much that'd match up with the adrenaline levels. Well, it looks like the BBC heard my thoughts and did a feature on it ... spooky :scared:
  8. Chat
    Hi all, I am 53 now but when I was 19 I built a Minor van, Fords V6, red with flames, running quite high. Was in Custom Car with a colour spread. Question. Does anyone know where it is? Or indeed remember it? Probalby doesnt exist any more but I am just wondering.. Thanks.
  9. Tech Discussion
    Hi Guys...not sure if this is the right area to post this but can anyone help? I'm thinking of replacing my side glass with plexi glass/acrylic (having a senior moment, I'm sure it's called something else too but can't think!) in red , has anyone got any leads where I could find some. Cheers Kev
  10. On Topic
    Here's some pics of Big Red, my all time favourite Camaro. It recently turned 200.7 mph at the Mojave mile. here's some recent videos. Bit of wheelspin going on here :lol: :lol: Some older videos Big Red web site, some good videos...
  11. Vehicles - FOR SALE
  12. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi, Has anyone got a Good Set of Used Magnecor Red 8.5mm Ignition Leads, or even perhaps a New Set sitting in their garage that will never get used ??!!. These are for a Rover 4.6 V8 Engine, which has been Converted to a "Hotwire" 14CUX Ignition System, Distributor & Serpentine Front Cover...
  13. Stuff - WANTED
    I am looking for 3 chrome safety star lights 1 red 2 yellow.Thanks
  14. Stuff - WANTED
    Just as the title says really, wanted in GWO. Only the red top pump will do. it looks like this: Thanks for looking.
  15. Tech Discussion
    You are the man to ask.:lol: Is there good and bad auto box fluid? What is the best? DC
  16. Chat
    Dont know what the prog was, only cought it by chance, Interesting......... Do we have to dof our caps to Andy now?
  17. Chat
    I've just read the new issue of rpm magazine and saw renderings of andys new project, it looks awesome:tup: we build promods for a living and all the guys here think its right on the money for style! maybe a little of rod saboury rubbed off on him when he pitted by him last year!lol, way to go...
  18. Chat
    How cool is this, being built in the Uk too
  19. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Hi, I've got a lil red racecar, circuit racer, hillclimb car, street/strip, whatever ! Built Rover V8 balanced, big hydraulic cam, big valve ported heads, Huffaker manifold, Holley 4v 600 carb. Sierra Cosworth Type 5 box Competition clutch. Atlas axle, fabricated spool, 3.50 gears, comes with...
1-19 of 24 Results