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    This hangs on the wall of a specialist VW garage near me. Anyone know of any others?
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    Saw an American car film years ago when i was on holiday (probably about 10years ago now) There were scenes of a Jap Import car that was racing and beating loads of the towns hotrods. They then called out some crazy red custom model A lookalike to beat the Jap car been looking for this film...
  3. Chat
    Ive had a few other welding projects on the go aswell as the van and bought some "cheap" cutting discs of evilbay. They were crap, so the wife popped into Aldi to see if they had any and they did. They were £2.90 for 6 metal cutting, 4 stone cutting and 3 metal grinding and they are excellent...
1-3 of 3 Results