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  1. Chat
    Hi All, I have been thinking about something along these lines for a while now and when "paul Y" came up to my place yesterday to collect his bench seat discussed it with him and he suggested putting a thread up and gauge the response. Obviously for some people getting the parts they need from...
  2. Chat
    There doesn't seem to be much help going on in there :tdown: Is no-one travelling any more ? You guys wanted it :beuj:
  3. Chat
    Morning All, Just in case you hadn't spotted it i've added the Parts Relay section to the site :tup: So, if you've got something you need help moving or if you can help out yourself then why not have a gander and we'll all club together...
  4. RnS Parts Relay Service
    Due to popular request, here is the Rods 'n Sods Parts Relay Service. It is essentially identical to the one Ratty set up on the NSRA forum. For those unaware of the previous service, the guidelines are below (I haven't re-worded them as there seemed to be no point). Do you want to buy parts...
  5. Chat
    is there any chance of a "parts relay" section like ratty started over on the other forum?
1-5 of 5 Results