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  1. On Topic
    Hi..does anyone know who sells remote thermostat housings.I have a Huffaker inlet manifold with no provision at the front for a stat. Have tried real steel as they list them,but they are out of stock and not sure when they'll be getting any
  2. Stuff - FOR SALE
    selling for a freinds abandoned project brand new remote servo brackets pipe and hoses .he thinks it was for a mini cooper but sold as seen in photo cost him £120 + the pipes looking for about £100
  3. On Topic
    off sick today, so i thought i would do something useful with my time and post up some recent progress on the chevy. I wanted a shaved bootlid on the chevy, so decided on using a bonnet release catch as a remote means to open the boot I happened to have one in the shed:- the complete mechanism...
  4. Chat
    Hi, one of the lads i work with locked his keys in his van, somebody said you can send the remote signal from his spare key via moble phone and should open his van. Well it sounds plausable but it didn't work. Has anybody heard or tryed this out
  5. Tech Discussion
    For some reason I can't post in the tech section so have put this here. I am after a remote oil kit for a Ford BB, does anyone know who sells them? Real Steel haven't got any and they don't seem to know when they are getting in. Cheers
  6. Tech Discussion
    can anyone advise me on how to check my 6 volt remote solenoid for output to the starter and maybe some readings i should get when turning the key. when my meter is connected to the solenoid: with the ignition off it reads 6.08 volts ignition on it reads 5.94 volts...
  7. Tech Features
    Remote gear lever. When I put a 5 speed type 9 box in the roadster the shifter was behind the seats so a made a remote changer for it like so, You will need; 1 x track rod end, 2 x clevis pins, 1 x length of bar or box, 1 x 3m flat stock for mounts, You need to do, Take out the reverse lock out...
1-7 of 8 Results