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    Hi all Im in the middle of sorting out a 58 edsel with my brother and iv come across a bit of a snag.I was wondering how do you remove the front and rear seats ?Iv found a bolt near the front that looks like it goes through the floor but its rusted solid so any help would be greatly...
  2. Chat
    OK , I have a helmet that I bought for use at the drags & I want to slap some paint on it. Only trouble is , I can't figure out how to get the visor off without damaging one or the other! Can somebody give me a clue? It's an FM from about 1989 if that helps.
  3. Tech Discussion
    Howdy People, Does anyone know if there's are products like this one avialble in the UK? Cheers Gotzy
  4. Tech Discussion
    Very soon I need to chop out the bottom of our 100e ready to drop it onto the new chassis. What would be your method of choice to remove the original floor section and chassis from the E, angle grinder, sawzall, oxy acetelyne...?
  5. Tech Discussion
    Does any one have any good ideas on how to remove a diff from a salisbury type axle? By all accounts I need a spreader tool to elongate the diff housing to get the diff out. These tools seem to be as rare as hens teeth so I wondered if anyone had any good ideas on another way to do this??.. The...
  6. Tech Discussion
    Been stripping a front clip for rebuild, what a pig of a job. Every bolt is rusted into the bushing sleeves, usual story and gotten around in the end with an air chisel.:tup: Only thing I am stumped on is removing the upper arm balljoints. How do you remove them?!:beuj:
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    quick one if anyone knows. how do you remove body filler that covers a large area and wasnt quite mixed right so never hardened. a scraper seams to work well but what about the hard to reach places. is there a solvent or simular that will break it down. so glad i never mixed it:lol::lol:
1-7 of 7 Results