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  1. Tech Discussion
    Anyone have any tips on removing a distributor from an engine without messing with the timing? I want to take mine off to clean it up and behind where it is there is dirt built up (anal, yeah I know! :roll:), but I don't know what the best way to go about it is. Step by step instructions perhaps?
  2. Tech Discussion
    The roof fabric in the Austin has bee ripped out and has bits stuck on the roof. It doesn't pull of very well, so what is the best way to remove it? Just a wire knot brush on the grinder?
  3. Tech Discussion
    I made a pencil mark and took photo first. Then I can find back to the exact position of the nut when I reassemble. Then I removed the nut. The yoke is not possible to pull out by hand. Is an extractor placed as the photo show the correct way to go on, or am i missing something here? Very...
  4. Tech Discussion
    ive peeled of the checker squares off the bulk head on my T and its left it covered in small sticky squares where the glue has been left. whats the best stuff to remove the glue? ive tried some thinners but its lifting the paint aswell! also tried some nail varnish remover (not mine) with no...
  5. Tech Discussion
    What,s the best way to remove minute pitting in glass, not windscreen but headlight lenses? Cheers.
1-5 of 5 Results