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  1. Tech Discussion
    My son has took a large chunk out of one of his AC Scnitzer alloys on his BMW. Does anyone know of a quality wheel repairer that does a diamond cut finish? Thanks....
  2. Chat
    Just want to say a huge thank you to Spencer and all the guys down at J&M ACCIDENT REPAIRS for doing such a great job on Dianes car. The near side of the car was full of dents and small accident damage plus the wheels needed a good refurb. As i think you can see from the pics they have done a...
  3. Tech Discussion
    Is it possible to get a magnesium wheel repaired and if so where would you go to get a magnesium wheel repaired ??? Cheers Dan:tup:
  4. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    1998 vauxhall vectra on an S,no mot or tax, really good 1.8L petrol (the nice twin cam) with 5 speed manual box done 114 000miles, body work immaculate, good air con, 17 inch alloys, sold as spares or repairs as needs 1 bolt in back suspension, near side rear tyre getting low, i'm keeping...
  5. Tech Discussion
    What gauge of steel should I be using for repairing out body sections, like quater panels ect, on the Austin A35? I have been using 18 gauge so far, but that is on things like arches and inner sills, so I need something which is thinner and easier to shape for the actual body repairs. What gauge...
  6. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    SE6A (I think) S Reg Scimitar for sale........spares or repairs to 3 litre V6 Attention needed to auto shifter. Wolfrace slotmags. Sitting down my yard and now needs to go soon. Prefer to sell complete All complete but no V5 £375-00 Car in North Kent (will need to be trailered, can...
1-6 of 6 Results