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    Hello all, I have just had my remnewal for insurance on my truck, which last year was £81, this year they want over a hundred. 25% rise in a year, sounds a little excessive to me. Any recomendations on a good insurance company, for a non-rodded classic. Footman James is probably out, they insist...
  2. On Topic
    ok guys and girls, the nostalgia nats are looking for 4 hot rods and 4 gassers to run at the above event against some vw and some retro fords, this is for a bit of fun, for those that dont no the event (have you been in a cave:D) it has to be pre 1973 to fit or criteria, so if you fancy a go get...
  3. The Showroom
    Hi All, Living in Italy I get the monthly Cruisin' magazine and want to write an article telling the story of how the Rod and Custom and Ameriacn scene came to be in the UK.For this I'd like to use images from those that have been supplied to RodsnSods. Is that okay with everybody? Cheers Spike
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    just had a friend requiest via my p.m box from a new member juliebuffy any idea if this iffy or not SOUNDS A BIT DODGY TO ME:shake:
  5. On Topic
    Does anyone know if it's possible to get an NDRC decal as pictured on the banner below? If not does anyone have a clearer picture of the club logo so that it can be replicated? A friend is building a period car & wants to run the NDRC decals on it, thanks in advance.....Nige
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    hi mate with a addtion of the shelf to the site i wanted to request if we can have a section for the tods or kids corner to encourage the young ones and the future of rodding. if you grant the request here are a couple to start the section of my sons toy:tup:
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    This is a bit of an odd request & I must admit feel a bit out of place asking this. The thing is my sons pet dog died recently & he's having a terrible time coming to terms with the fact that his "best friend" isn't there anymore for him. When I got in yesterday he showed me a video compilation...
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    Anyone on here have a room they would like to rent for my American daughter? She is 21 and attending university in London and needs some accomodation.She dosent have a lot of money but maybe she could afford 50quid a week.Obviously it will have to be somewhere not to far away from the central...
  9. On Topic
    anyone remember a black pro street manta (A) that was featured on the back pages of SM or CC back in the 90's (could have been earlier but i dont think it was) it was powered by a 351 cleveland if it helps jog any memories, i need some info from those pages if anyone remembers the car and has...
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    This may sound Dumb ,But My Wife Has got to be THE Biggest WHO fan...She's a Wholagan on their website ...has Stuff plastered all over the walls...We saw them live in Atlanta ,Ga. two years ago .Now I'm hooked and sure would like to put period Correct Who songs (60's-70's) on our In -Production...
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    Could someone photoshop these pictures to make it matt black please? Having a bit of a think of a change of colour,see if it works and matches the Minor lol! Cheers.
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    It's ok, Folks, plans have changed. She's going to spend the day with her Mom instead, helping me in a roundabout way. Thanks anyway. My Daughter would like to come to the drags Sunday Morning. She will be in Buckingham, near Milton Keynes on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Is anyone passing...
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    Hi Si, Is it possible to set the forum to "Go To First Unread Post" , not a biggie was just wondering . Ron
1-13 of 13 Results