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  1. Jobs - Wanted/Available
    helo im after a part time job in the preston wigan area, 13 yrs general building experiance. 1 day a week or as many as needed, thanks dave
  2. On Topic
    1)We have just taken on a contract at work to maintain and which involves driving whats called a tug, now basically this is a small H.G.V lorry with a 5th wheel that tows trailers around the docks, the roads are for public use but on private land, they are not taxed or m.o.ted so dont go on the...
  3. Tech Discussion
    Hi all I need to fabricate some 70's style arches for my bus, I'd really like them in steel so they look and feel like part of the bodywork. The arches [for rear only] have got to be quite large and I'd like them to taper away towards the bottom, looking for idea's really, parts I could buy...
  4. Chat
    In respect of this thread:- I am in need of the load of trailer to retrieve the Mustang from the impound, I know this is short notice but they haven't given me much notice before the charges start to escalate. I have bought a...
  5. On Topic
  6. On Topic
    I have already posted this on the `The Shelf` section, but thought I might try on here also. I`m the process of trying to Rebuild/Restore the Airfix Krackle Kat and Kansas Kruiser kits and need some help. Does anyone have a set of instructions for the Krackle Kat Capri kit that they...
  7. The Shelf
    I`m the process of trying to Rebuild/Restore the Airfix Krackle Kat and Kansas Kruiser kits and need some help. Does anyone have a set of instructions for the Krackle Kat Capri kit that they could either Photocopy, Scan or Photograph for me. I already have the Kansas Kruiser Cortina ones...
  8. Tech Discussion
    hi there i still havent sorted out the horn on my chrysler, can anyone point me in the direction of one near Sidcup...thanks...
  9. Chat
    New Lindy Hop classes for beginners start on Wednesday 31st of March at 8pm in Hastings, East Sussex and us girls are suffering from a lack of men. Anybody out there fancy learning to dance? You don't have to be a dancer. I can't dance but I give it a bloody good try and it is great fun...
  10. On Topic
    Shakespeare County Raceway's track prep team are urgently in need of any old drag slicks for the track's rubber sled. If any racer has Goodyear, Hoosier or Toyo slicks they wish to get rid off with enough surface tread on them for track prep use can they please contact the raceway office on...
  11. Tech Discussion
    Well, I'm just about nearing completion of my Prefect truck modifications but have come across a stumbling block regarding the steering. I'm using the original Prefect column which is at an angle of approx 135% and meets the Viva column section at a 180% plane. What is the best course of action...
  12. History Archive
    Does anyone recognise this Opus? The pic was taken about 1992 and it may have been metallic mauve before that. It has a 1971 RAC Competition Licence sticker on the screen so could have been raced around that time and it has a much modified front suspension, (they were usually Pop I beams) It...
  13. Tech Discussion
    Hi everyone, jim here....seen a 1972 buick skylark custom convertible for sale, guys only had it for 2 months, but ive seen it advertised all over the place, he says it runs as should ,everythings ok, apart from poor paint, which i'm not bothered about, anyone know of this car..its red , white...
  14. Stuff - WANTED
    Has anybody got some kicking around ? I'm in need of 2 x 3/8" Screw-in rocker studs for sbc :sniff: Thank you :tup: [email protected]
  15. On Topic
    You know what its like. You always want something you can't have. At the top of my list are some spindle mount 17" wire rims to suit my Pop spindles on the T. Nothing over fancy, plenty of dragsters being built and have them so hubs must be available. Think again:sniff: I have been searching for...
  16. Chat
    Looking to rent a garage in Sutton/Carshalton area,shopping for a car but need somewhere to put it, my number is 07702511265.Thanks.:tup:
  17. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi, I am currently installing a Ford 302 with a C4 into my Mk1 Zodiac and will need the following soon, do any of you have any laying around ? 164 tooth flex plate Propshaft or gear box prop end for a gearbox circa 1972 Cheers all Barrie
  18. Chat
    Does anyone know anybody sensible that can transport a 59 Cadillac from Redhill, Surrey to Merseyside tomorrow must be reliable, insured, covered truck etc please PM me or call 07973 400245 Thanks, Stew
  19. Chat
    I just found this. I wasn't really looking for it, and it probably wasn't lost. I just don't know how to post it. Shitter of he month has been done. Why? has been done. So can anybody come up with a thread title?
  20. Tech Discussion
    No Manual ?? Therefore can anyone tell me the following settings for a Mk2 Zodiac straight six engine. Tappet clearance Timing Deg (tick over) Dwel angle (points) Replacement spark Plugs (part No) Thank you, in advance :tup:
1-20 of 33 Results