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  1. Licensing and Legal section
    Hi all, New here and to the world of custom builds etc. I've just committed to buy a 53 F100 and have pretty grand plans for it over the next 5 years or so. As many are, the whole registration/historic plate/8 point system confuses the hell out of me, so I thought I'd ask for some advice...
  2. Licensing and Legal section
    New to the group - great threads. I'm planning to import a resto-mod '69 Camaro with its original chassis, but fitted with a modern Camaro engine and suspension. #1 - will I be taxed upon import as a modern car ? #2 - any issue with DVLA and MOT ? #3 - I might later bring the car to France or...
  3. Chat
    Don't quite know what to make of all this, ladies and gents . . . Millions of modified and classic cars could be banned from the roads as meddling European Union try to shake-up MOT rules | Daily Mail Online I've only recently become aware that many have given up resources, income, family...
1-3 of 3 Results