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  1. Chat
    Hey there sods (if that's how you guys refer to each other on here), I've finally done it, against my lovely wife's wishes I have bought my dream classic car; the Ford Escort mk 2. However, it does need a bit of work and I'll be moving to Essex in a couple of weeks' time. I'm looking for any...
  2. The Showroom
    Here is my Chevrolet s10 I did a complete chassis rebuild/restoration over the course of a year. Did everything on this from engine work to body and paint. Replaced both bottoms of the doors and tailgate, that was the only rust on it. The bed I didn't do as much body work on as its a work...
  3. Tech Features
    After last month's aborted repair job, Project 13/30 gets a new patch of floorpan and some paint. (Words and Photos: Dave Smith, American Car Magazine, February 2016 issue) In last month's instalment, I'd tried to repair the spiderweb of cracks in the driver's side floorpan around the seat...
  4. Tech Discussion
    sup guys not posted on here in a while been overloaded at work. got a few questions im hoping some folk can help me clear up. im buying a 1965 mustang with a 3.2 straight 6 engine and im wanting to get it tuned to a nice balance between mpg and bhp. im ideally looking for 25+mpg if possible...
  5. The Showroom
    Slowly making progress xmas dedline out of the window.
  6. The Garage
    Rebuild progressing slowly bulkhead modified to fit v8 but i'm sticking with the stock engine for now. But with four speed overdrive gearbox as restoration has cleared me out
  7. The Garage
    before :cool: Has been stripped down to the last nut and bolt for a complete renovation. All Carried out by owner John Boultwood Here is John at work You can see why its taking so long cant you !! He cant post any pics, as i've been taking the pics while he is doing the work :wanker...
  8. Chat
    ...should buff right out
1-8 of 9 Results