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  1. Tech Discussion
    Help/advice needed, pretty please! Repro Steel body on 30mm x 15mm subrails...Section diag....Most probably/definately not to scale. I am wondering how these (I've called them tie panels for now) are sited in relation to the subrails. I need to get this sorted before I can continue really as...
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    clutch pedal return spring,mine appears to be missing ? may well be adding to my clutch problems. approx 6.5in long (that includes spring hooks). shouldn't be any longer. Jack
  3. Chat
    just sat down tonight to try & work out my tax return & its doing my head in!!! i was only s/e for 8months due to the mate:wanker: who said he had a 4yr contract lying through his teeth & only having 4mths work & i've only just got the money he owed me for work done,now! which looks like it...
1-3 of 3 Results