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  1. On Topic
    Third Time lucky ... but this is really what I wanted and now subject to funds clearing it will be mine ...
  2. Chat
    So I ended up watching this last night, it's shit but it's car TV instead of newsnight. Duane from American HotRod was in the programme and what a complete fucking tosser he was. They built a tribute car to Boyd, which was nothing like what Boyd would turn out, then the ignorant fuck never...
  3. Chat
    Looks like they have taken on some of Boyds ex employees including everyones favourite Duane. (He was in the trailer for it the other night). :eek:
  4. Tech Discussion
    Just wondering if anyone on here has used the components off a p38 range rover for there air ride? i.e compressor, valves etc etc
  5. Stuff - WANTED
    looking to go air ride what stuff you got? pm me
  6. Tech Discussion
    Do you think i could put my truck on air rides.I would like to lower it.If it is possible what should i use, is there anyone who would do it.How does it lower it when its on leaf spring front and rear.Shockers on the front but none on the rar.It weights 2 and a half ton un loaded.
  7. Chat
    ok im sure you have all done something like this if you have crashed it smashed it bashed it rolled set fire to it when welding it or anything that has wrecked your ride lets hear about it ? :incheek:
  8. On Topic
  9. Chat
    Did any one see custom my ride on real time last night they were doing a car as a tribute to boyd coddington they had duane working there as i assume an advisor i missed beginning of it. Still not a good word to say about anyone couldnt even be bothered to turn up for the unveil with boyds son...
  10. The Garage
    Hi all Now the model A has now sold i though i,d post a few picks of the long roof nova I have just aquired:happy must find my flares out and have my hair permed again:oops: Cheers Ian
  11. The Showroom
    Copied and pasted from the original intro thread I wrote for it. Much has happened since then, and much cursing and fettling later, she is still standard, and should stay standard, though Nicola always lingers around any modiefied 100E's :D i]Rian and Nicola (alias Grizz and Myrtle) are...
  12. Chat
    While doing a bit of research about the extra displacment gained for a +30 rebore i found this on a site foe push bikes so thought id post it Do their figures work out correct ????
  13. Tech Discussion
    hi all, does anyone know how to build a budget airride system as i was wondering if i could use bits from a range rover as i know it has the system fitted. or do you know anything better suited? & yes i am on an extreme budget so no rayvern kits for me. ta rik :tup...
  14. On Topic
    Duno if this has been done so here goes,what was your first car and pic if's mine circa 73 in it's final form and yes i had hair then :tup:
  15. The Showroom
    Its a 1955 anglia, rover 3.5 5spd, viva front, chevy rear, 10x15 295/50/15
  16. On Topic
    Ohh yes, listen to that beauty, mid 11's in '64, superb :cool: Love it
  17. The Showroom
    my 5 year old son matthews j40 pedal car:lol: its hard work pedalling it,but he loves it:tup: start them young;)
  18. On Topic
    Smax Smith has a wild ride at U.S. Drag meet read about it on Eurodragster.
  19. On Topic
    Here is some more Pictures from The Hot Rod Hay Ride its a Fantastic event
  20. Stuff - WANTED
    Air ride control panel and switches wanted,2 switch and one gauge type,pneumatic type not electric,
1-20 of 27 Results