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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    Wanted 1 or 2 15" steel wheels Ford 5 x 5 1/2" pcd, I think off something like Ford F100, or plain Smoothies, Standard width. I want these to put on my standard Model A drums. Also wanted the mounting rings that go on Model A drums to allow later solid wheels to be fitted. Speedway I think...
  2. Stuff - FOR SALE
    14" chrome trim rings, good condition, £15
  3. On Topic
    Posted in wanted section but thought i'd try and track some down if i need them. Running WW Firestones on a 15" Sherpa rim and would like to dress it with trim rings and caps. May have got the caps sorted but after some trim rings, something slim(ish), not too wide. Any idea where i can track...
  4. Stuff - WANTED
    After some 15" slim(ish) chrome trim rings. WHY. Thought id ask before skinting myself. Cheers Dan:tup:
  5. Stuff - FOR SALE
    set of 4 wheels to fit six stud Chevy trucks. They are smoothie type wheels that have been powder coated/painted, and they have caps and trim rings. The tyres are as new G78 x 15. They are a couple of years old but have only done a few miles and are all in excellent condition The tyres alone...
  6. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi all, I am looking for some trim rings to fit the following: 2 x Minx rims (15") 2 x Herald rims (13") Don't have to be mint, just as long as they ain't minging...!!! Could do with some caps for the Herald too...!!! Ta
  7. Stuff - WANTED
    I need a couple of steel 'rings' , 5.5 - 6 inch diameter 2 inches tall ,an offcut or source of where to start looking for this sort of thing 1.6 -3 mm thick?
  8. Stuff - FOR SALE
  9. Stuff - WANTED
    Wanted, min 2, max 4, 15 inch beauty rings. I managed to lose one on way home from Old Warden. Currently have the deep rim ones about 2 1/2 inch deep edge. Have thinner on front, will buy either a pair or a set of four - not fussed. Cash waiting. Can collect at Hayride or Ipswich or pay for...
  10. Stuff - WANTED
    I'm still after a pair of 13" chrome trim rings- skinny ones not wide ones like some Ford examples. Surely someone's got a pair of 'em?!
1-10 of 10 Results