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    that painting is superb, what nice talent to have. si is that grill still in my trailer?:shocked:
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    OK folks, it's been a year since I last did this so it's time for another auction to raise some cash for Si to keep this place going. So, this time, with all the interest in Bry's fantastic restoration of Henry Hirise I thought that something Henry related would be cool. This is one of a...
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    Stupid question I know, as if you didnt you wouldnt be reading this. But, the reason I asked is I had a mail about renewing my donation. I thought what can I get for £5 24/7 that I can talk about what I want, even sell what I want... Ok I am not a stalker, but just thought that if everyone...
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    Dear Mr Administrator Is there any way of donating to RNS without filling in the Home address Home Tel number Home Email etc ? Thanks Ian
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    Well, for tonight anyway :D Figured i'd enjoy the nice weather we're having. Spent today working on the Mustang and decided to chill out this evening and work outdoors. Can't beat having a fire in the evenings :tup: Sadly I had to take the pic myself so fortunately for you lot the scene...
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    A pic of my car proudly wearing its RnS sticker Where you stuck yours:?:
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    I know it's sunday but does anyone know when the RnS shop will be open again? there is a couple of bits i want (not need) but i missed out at the swap meet as si had packed up by the time i found him L:shock:N
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    Well, not everyone, just those that chose to have stuff posted. In fact, even more specifically to those who don't read what's on the page ;) I've had a few requests through recently about orders from the shop i.e. I've not had my stuff through yet. On the forum posts on here, the checkout...
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    how about a cast plaque to hang of the back of your rod... would you buy one with rods n sods on?
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    Hiya All, Just a quickie to let you know that you don't NEED a PayPal account to to buy stuff through the Rods 'n' Sods Shop. You CAN pay with funds from a PayPal account if you have one but it's not a requirement. PayPal are there to process credit/debit card payments as well, much the same...
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    That's about it really lol. Please read the pages properly, specifically the checkout page. These orders and prices are on a pre-order basis. Orders can be collected from the Swap Meet (in which case sellect "Collection" for the postage type otherwise you WILL be charged for postage) Or they...
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    Is over here --> Miss It, Miss Out :incheek:
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    (Still) working through some stuff and I need to gauge interest before investing a wodge of cash :tup: The design will be as below, large logo on the back and small chest pocket logo on the front. Sadly, due to setup costs and increased overall costs there will NOT be any provision to add...
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    Bry's asked the question so would you be interested ? The thread is over in the On Topic bit --> I'll lock this one and keep bumping to make sure all the replies are in the one place :tup:
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    Following on from the Outlaws christmas "do" thread,would it be a good idea /would you attend a RnS christmas bash ?(obviously for next year).........Where would be the best place to hold it ?,Bry
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    Sign up here guys,we want to know -Your age ? Who you are ? what your into ? Whats your background ? what do do want to drive in 10 years? what pisses you off ? (Please limit your answers to general comments,dont post any personal details)
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    here go's................................. Sid.
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    Well, to those of you with 100 or more posts under your belt anyhow :D Please use this section for anything that you feel may offend if posted on general areas of the site (i.e. close to the line jokes, pictures etc.). It's a free for all (as long as the content is legal) and please venture in...
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    Here we go, it's time for me to ask for something from you arty folk. Rods 'n Sods really needs a proper logo. Something which can be printed on clothing & stickers etc. and probably a banner or two I'll take camping with me. I like the neon style and the font up there on the left so would...
1-20 of 20 Results