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  1. Chat
    Hi all im new to this forum so treat me gental :bigsmile: im in the south east ( south london north kent ) could any one reconmend a rolling road that is good with small block chevy and holley carbs cheers for any advice Dal:tup:
  2. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    hello . ive got a viva hb road legal drag car for sale on ebay if any one is interested ...
  3. On Topic
    LANCING, WEST SUSSEX, CULVER ROAD CAR MEET 25/04/10. For more go to[email protected]/sets/72157623927656946/ :tup::tup:
  4. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Trinity Road Wandsworth Well in the back streets of Trinity Road Lots went there after the Chelsea Cruise for street racing .. Thanks to Stew for the this one Bob..:smoke:
  5. Chat
    After sorting out my MOT and Insurance during the last couple of days I trotted along to the post office to get my Car Tax this morning. Bloody hell thats gone up a bit since I last bought some! £112 odd for 6 months! I'm now gonna drop the price of the Merc (and lose a fortune as usual) .I...
  6. Tech Discussion
    Hi All Trying to find some info for a mate who has just imported a 2005 dodge ram and is in the process of getting it ready for test. What taxation class will he be in and would it get his road tax/class down if he fits lpg before the test or can he fit lpg after the test and then alter his...
  7. The Showroom
    At last, after buying this truck being told a weekends work will see it done and then working on it for just over a year, with lots of blood sweat and tears, i finally drove it today on the road for its MOT. It passed :D Drove real nice to, roll on summer (well some dry days) I love it...
  8. History Archive
    I thought I would try you guys on this one any one got any photo's of the chelsea drug store with customs or rods outside ? spent many good nights in here listening to heavy metal in the late 70s.. its now a mcdonalds !!:sniff:
  9. Chat
    The tiny township of Nindigully is located on the edge of the Queensland outback - 160km west of Goondiwindi, about 530km west of Brisbane , and approximately 70 km north of the Queensland/New South Wales border. Nindigully Pub is Queensland ?s oldest hotel, located in its original condition and...
  10. On Topic
    whats your favourite road or place on that road ie A406 ace cafe ? For me you will have to go back 40 years .the OLD A12 from Chelmsford to Hatfield peveral ,the old petrol pumps at tiny garages the thathed cottage that sold teas and egg & bacon pie .and the long gone country pubs all left...
  11. Chat
    This is just too funny arms flying everywhere! :pmsl:
  12. Tech Discussion
    Whats best for what ? How much difference in power ratings and what sort of drive line power loss do you get
  13. Vehicles - WANTED
    not sure if ime aloud to put this thred on ( if not sorry ) wanted a rat rod , classic daily driver on road , dont mind a bit of work will swap for my 2001 fiesta 1.8 turbo diesel 5 speed 5 door fiesta , mot till december 2010 tax till end jan but can re,tax its a white 5 door encore model (...
  14. Chat
    It was on the other night, a new series I believe, but we missed it. Does anybody know if it's going to be repeated? I have tried the catchup thing, but not on there. Ta muchly Andy
  15. On Topic
    Right then dug the Camaro out of storage,done a few checks,hopefully now ready to roll down to The Ace Cafe,boxing day bash,sould be better than sat in front of the telly !,we'll be takin some pic's to put up here,and if anyone fancy's joining in shout up,were meeting a 32,roadster along the way,Bry
  16. Chat
    just had to do it i,ll get me coat..............
  17. Chat
    dont remember seeing this one? Sid..
  18. History Archive
    Remember the marina[flake then blue and flamed] kev wilks,bless him wicked motor in its day,passonate bloke then there was phil bowen the t man[novel t].not far away the gassers,tony jones[thames pickup]midmount v8 candypaint /jez atkinson anglia v8 they probally won t remember me be cause i...
  19. On Topic
    This is a story about a young hot rodder whos going back to his racing routes after a couple of years absence,after getting rid of the P100 and getting myself a 32 roadster built by a company in southend who ive forgoten,moved on to a steel five window got fed up with that and bought a falcon...
  20. Chat
    ok, not rod related, not in a mini either but well worth a look......... i love the way the iam guy flashes his lights then blasts his horn at the guy he want to overtake - you'd get stabbed for that these days :D
1-20 of 31 Results