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    Hi Si, I sold a battery to ".pete." and as agreed in the thread i would donate the proceeds to Rods'n'Sods. :D Please could you credit LIL JOSH for the donation. :incheek: Cheque's in the post. :pmsl: :tup: Well it will be tomorrow...
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    Hi Si, I have bought a fuel pump for £10 from Jeff "Fozwanger". :tup: He has requested that rather than send the money to him i send it to RnS as a donation on his behalf. :D Cheque in post tomorrow, can you confirm once you have received it. :?: Cheers. Russ.
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    Hi Si, :D Many happy returns. Cheers. Russ.
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    ok i noticed over on the hamb theres an "alliance" i,m sure ya all know about it, ya get a cool dash plaque, and traders offer various discounts, so my 1st question is to the main man, el landlord,[ROADRUNNA]would it be ,possible?,feasable?, [i,m not too hot on the buisiness stuff,but i know...
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    picked up my goodies yesterday only just opened them .. thanks steve
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    Hi Si, You have PM Cheers. Russ.
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    Hi Si, my smilies have stopped working and I have not altered anything. It says smilies on but they don't work. What's wrong ?
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    did i dream that there was a 100e posted in the for sale section ? i cant find it in the threads or in my posts ? rob
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    This forums not for me Thanks
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    Hi Si, You have PM Cheers. Russ.
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    what happens when i have used all my attachment space. can it be reset or do i have to slow down / re-register. cor blimey i have only managed to upload the other way blinding Jack
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    hi mate with a addtion of the shelf to the site i wanted to request if we can have a section for the tods or kids corner to encourage the young ones and the future of rodding. if you grant the request here are a couple to start the section of my sons toy:tup:
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    If you're sending me PM's please make sure you spell my name right in the to box :tup: Roadrunna with an "A" on the end not the usual "ER" as this is a different user so I don't generally get the messages. Cheers.
  14. On Topic
    i have had an email from ladyx in admin saying i have a virus , also had a message from pussy , is there a virus going round roadrunna as it has ask me to click on to a site ,like iam going to do that
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    sorry Si:lol::pmsl:
  16. The Shelf
    so you used my tag line eh! so i shall use my prize!:tup...
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    Hi Si, I have bought a fuel filter from Kustm Jim from this thread, :tup: As per Jim's wishes he has asked me to pay you direct, to that end could you confirm receiving my cheque in this thread (should be in the next couple of days) and...
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    Just want to say happy 2nd wedding anniversary to my lovely husband! Love you babe! XXX:hug:
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    for winning the vwdrc sportsman championship and rookie of the year:D:D
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    Hi all, :?:Possibly this question should be directed at Roadrunna/si via PM, but maybe the reply would be of use to lots of other members who may have had a similar experience to me. I want to make a donation, but the only option i can find is Paypal which i guess would involve the use of a...
1-20 of 24 Results