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  1. Chat
    Hi all ash here was in a crash on sunday morning my car was T-boned on driver side and flipped and rolled me and my partner climbed out and luckily only had brusie's and cuts no broken's or missing's so make shaw u keep more aware at lights even if its a soild green for 15seconds like me...
  2. Stuff - FOR SALE
    street rodder mags , american mags 37 in total , 4 from 1993, 7 from 96, 5 from 98, 6 from 05, 7 from 06 and 8 from 09, all the ideas you could ever imagine and then some £10 the lot. hand brake levers as seen in photo , any good to you , tape shown for sizes £5 each
  3. History Archive
    So, who used to perv.......... sorry, read this then ?
  4. On Topic
    Something that was published in StreetRodder probably 30 years ago, Satin Black 60s Econoline?? pickup, tubbed and mid mounted engine, Think it was a magazine project, anybody got any pics??
  5. On Topic
    Can anyone tell me what issue this car was in ? Its Rick Dores 36 "Tangerine Dream"
  6. Stuff - WANTED
    wanted may 2005 issue of street rodder magazine.
  7. Chat
    Hi All, I was thinking, having 4 kids (yes, I do now have a tele :incheek:) I was wondering what would be good rodder fodder that could carry the larger family. I was thinking something like a zodiac/zephyr with bench seats front and rear, there is the obvious American stuff, but they tend to...
  8. Chat
    while i have been working on my car a boy always stopped and asked me what i was doing and can he have alook.well he came around yesterday with a big grin on is face because his dad as just got him a morris 1ooo.he wanted idears on what to do to it so i told him to join this site because you...
  9. Stuff - FOR SALE
    sold,thanks for the add
  10. On Topic
    Discuss! Oh, the T by the way, not the heavilly hammered '34 :tup:
  11. Chat
    just been reading Classic and Sportscar......seems like Lord March has gone and got his self a Hot Rod....!
  12. On Topic
    Has Crusty made it over yet? I miss his verbal diariah LOL:pmsl:
1-12 of 12 Results