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  1. What, Where, When ?
    is any one else doing this tomorrow? Cernunnos MCC supported by The Flat Top Roadsters invite you to Bikes 'n' Rods & Rock 'n' Roll on Saturday 22nd May 2010. Bikes, Trikes, Scooters, Rods, Yanks, Customs, all welcome. Live Music and BBQ. The Robin Hood, CAMRA award winning, family friendly pub...
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    Im after some vinyl fabric or leather in navy/dark blue. I need about 3 m x 3m. Will consider anything w.h.y cheers :d
  3. Chat An excellent site for some really wicked music. Hotrod Girl
  4. Stuff - WANTED
    any one know where I could get some black leather look vinyl tuck and roll?seen it at shows cant find it on line.cheers.
  5. Chat
    Yesterdays show for all you to listin too
  6. Chat
    Hi All, :tup:I have been meaning to post this link up for sometime, so at last here goes. If you are into 50s Country, Rockabilly or Rock n Roll this site will end up being your first port of call. :D You can search by Artist, Song title, record label etc etc. A lot of the songs on the site...
  7. Tech Discussion
    I've been told that one type of CDS has to be heated before I bend it, Cant for the life of me remember which one bends cold CDS1 or CDS2
  8. Tech Discussion
    Anyone know of a company in the UK that sells the adapters to rig up a Hurst line lock ? Jegs do this kit just wondering if anyone in the UK does the same ? Cheers.
  9. Chat
    so whos going to hemsby ...........toad:D
  10. Tech Discussion
    I`d like some pointers in selecting the right size and type steel tube to make my roll cage out of.It`s for my Bronco and my intentions were to make a hoop for behind the front seats with braces going into the back and then a leg each side going from the top of the hoop across the top of the...
  11. Stuff - WANTED
    Had a tidy up and managed to loose the roll bar links and U shaped brackets that hold the roll bar to the clip. Anyone got these bits knocking around? Ta, P.:D
  12. Tech Discussion
    Hey People, I'm having trouble finding out what the SFI spec for roll cages for cars in the 9's, does anyone know what size and thickness CDS tube is required and how many points the cage should be? It's just a mess about car for the Hot Rod Drags but we still want it to safe for our goals so...
  13. On Topic
    We sail at sunset on Sunday... Who's going?
  14. On Topic
    The patrons of car shows pretty much fall into two categories. There are those that use the show as nothing more than a destination, a reason to go for a drive. Once at the show these people tend to park their car, wander around looking at the other cars, stopping at the cars of friends and past...
  15. On Topic
  16. On Topic
    Who's driving, who's flying... I shall be in the 54 Caddy convertible...
1-17 of 17 Results