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  1. Who are ya ??
    Hi, my name is Mike from Lincolnshire. I enjoy mucking around with cars. I know its not strictly "hot roddy", however my latest project is this 1987 Bentley Turbo R which has had a total body rebuild to look lke a Rolls Phantom. The body kit came from America. I still have a few jobs left to...
  2. History Archive
    World's Fastest Rolls Royce Check out the world's fastest Rolls-Royce, it is a 1970 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow built by Joe's Street Rod Shop. It is powered by a 9.3-litre supercharged V8 producing a massive1350bhp. Other features include a bespoke chassis, a full leather interior, air...
  3. The Garage
    I imported this car back from california after my ole boss and still good friend ray mumford found her on e bay He is the artist that done this incredable in detail artwork, the car has had a fight or two over the years and the paint to the upperbody had seen better days, but after much elbow...
  4. Stuff - WANTED
    complete and runnable b80 engine and box manual or auto i will buy a complete vehicle [ fire engine etc] if necessary even a b80 stationery engine
  5. Chat
    Popped into a boot-fair this morning ,on the way to Boneshakers meet , and was suprised to see NOT 1 - BUT 2 ! Rollers in the public car park ! One poor person was obviously so hard up that the whole back end was painted a different shade of blue ! :sniff::sniff::sniff::sniff::sniff:
  6. On Topic
    Here's Biffo in the 32 @ The Labour Day Cruise!! Don't know if its been posted b4 as I've been off-air for the last 3 weeks!! ;-) Looking jolly good,Mr Biffo!!! Also like the red Stude'
1-6 of 6 Results