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  1. Tech Features
    Hi Guys Trying to gain a bit of room we had to back the booster into the firewall and needed some room yet in the inner fender well. This can be done for other components as well. After mounting the booster to the firewall I mapped out my cut out area for the booster to be able to be removed...
  2. Chat
    This is the mine starting to take shape.
  3. Chat
    The sick twisted pervs that place them disgraceful and much appreciated pics, :pmsl: do you just use photobucket to host the pics as didnt want to add to photobucket to infringe the rules and they block my account as most of my photos of my build and other stuff are on there. I could always set...
  4. Chat
    There you go. Didn't feel a thing did you.
  5. On Topic
    Morning, Sitting at my desk day dreaming and got to thinking about some improvements I want to make over the winter to make my old bus feel a bit quicker and get it into the low 12's. Now the obvious way is to add 'MORE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!' but I am not 100% convinced I am making the best of...
  6. On Topic
    Got about half of them online so far here's a few of them, the rest can be found at
1-6 of 6 Results