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    Hi,need to do a couple of repairs on the rear of my F250,so thought i may as well take the sides off and replace the wood as well,question is what do you lads use,been quoted £1.12 + vat per foot of 7"x1" green oak i reckon on that costing me around £75 to do the back,what do you think about...
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    I can't remember where the thread was for this, but here's some more net finds i've found........ :sniff::sniff::sniff::sniff::sniff::sniff::sniff::sniff:
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    chassis could yield useful needs lot of work but has v5c 2 letters 3numbers £1200 i will only call landline numbers non transferable:smoke: sorry but not 1932 but 1930 model a
1-3 of 3 Results