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    I know you chaps are going to complain about this one, but there are girls on here too :) I have a Rhona Roy dress that I think must be 50/60's. I bought it in a vintage shop 20 odd years ago. I wore it to my Mother-In-Laws wedding but I can't get into it now. :sniff: Would anybody have any...
  2. Chat
    Gentleman, you have gotta lend an ear or two to this alternate version of 'Dig that Boogie' - its wild
  3. History Archive
    some pics from our last visit to the usa these pics are from sep 2003thought you might like...... the pick up in the last photo was next door to brizio's in the timber yard..
  4. Chat
    Started off with a bit of tinkering on the A , then Matt ( Deuce Tudor) turned up for a chat and garage tour. Mick from down the road who's building a 100E pick up turned up shortly afterwards . I ended up round his place tinkering with his 40 carbed Pinto closley followed by Anton turning up...
1-4 of 4 Results