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  1. On Topic
    Just asking coz my ears are bleeding from the wife keep asking me to ask.... Are there gonna be any General Lee chargers at the Runners Show next weekend? We got some friends whos 10 yr old is mad on it and i mean mad and he ain't seen one in the flesh yet. A couple of us are heading up on...
  2. What, Where, When ?
    Not sure if this has already been posted Great day out on the Sunday or an even better weekend if you fancy camping. :tup:
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    i need a set of adjustable runners to suit a pair of jaz seats to flat floor . or any ideas what may fit with a bit of modification ? rob
  4. History Archive
    Remember the marina[flake then blue and flamed] kev wilks,bless him wicked motor in its day,passonate bloke then there was phil bowen the t man[novel t].not far away the gassers,tony jones[thames pickup]midmount v8 candypaint /jez atkinson anglia v8 they probally won t remember me be cause i...
  5. What, Where, When ?
    Our party weekend is just a week away, it features a Friday night party, Saturday Cruise, Live music Saturday night and show n shine on the Sunday. All this for just £10 per head including camping. Situated just 1 mile from Junction 23 of the M5 in Somerset. Call me if you are interested...
1-7 of 7 Results