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    Russ Hancox cars Hi, Above is a picture of the ex russ hancox vauxhall victor fb wagon which i have dedicated a seperate thread to, being my all time favourite custom car, i believe that he sold...
  2. History Archive
    Hi, Im looking for info and pics of russ hancoxs old fb victor wagon, and in fact, any other modified victor fbs as i reckon they're the prettiest of all the victors. cheers. paul
  3. History Archive
    great footage!........:tup: Enjoy!. Sid.
  4. Chat
    does any one have a contact number for 'russ gaylord fontana' please, if so could you please pm me with it. many thanks Danny
  5. Chat
    Mike the cheque you sent for the damper has not arrived here. What date did you post it?
1-6 of 6 Results