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    If you have been to Portugal you have probably haven't see any hot rods or custom cars. That is because the laws concerning cars are very strict. In a simple form, you can't modify anything! Some modifications are permitted but it always involves lots of bureaucracy, time and money. So all the...
  2. Chat
    iv had my moggy p/up for 3 years now and although its not great body wise i think it does look fairly cool as a rat rod with only a little go from the 1.4 lump and its really reliable as my daily (only)ride trouble is iv just been offered a 59 moggy 2 door saloon for peanuts but it is standard...
  3. Vehicles - WANTED
    Hi All, I'm new to the site and looking for another project to keep me busy. Looking for a Morris Minor shell/project. Anything considered. Floors and running gear not required but must be easily transportable and have it's V5 log book. Prefer Essex/Herts area Thanks for looking.
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    These pictures are taken from a German registered 86 3 series ,the car some how passed its TUV (german MOT) in March this year and would not be retested until November next year if the owner had not complained of having "rear steering".
  5. Tech Discussion
    Howdy People, Does anyone know if there's are products like this one avialble in the UK? Cheers Gotzy
  6. Tech Discussion
    evenin all,the carpet in my dodge truck was a bit soggy,the truck stays outside,pulled it back,wet rusty floorpans.took the caddy out,put the truck in and set about it with the grinder.wasnt as bad as i feared.loadsa pitting but no holes.gave it the curust and its lookin good. what will i top...
  7. History Archive
    Having owned and worked on a fair few old cars,(American Stuff)and looking at a lot of the stuff in the history section,is it me or was the steel better quality 30's/40's,pretty good on 50's and garbage in the 60's ?,Bry
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    post pictures of your project bought back to life. sort of before and after....
1-8 of 8 Results