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    wots this new fad of rusty bonnets on shiney cars all about ? i saw a beatle at the nats last year with it done & thort looks quite cool then over this weekend i saw a fairly new BMW 3seires a polo & a punto !!!! with it done & they just looked crap to me, am i missing something here ?
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    not for sale
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    Advert removed. Please read the site rules before posting ads for "rusty" log books :tdown: If you can prove the chassis is usable and to be sold with the log book then the ad may be allowed. Roadrunna
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    i have a 1931 ford model a 5w coupe chassis with v5c very rotten £900 provisionally sold also 1932 5w coupe chassis with v5c also very rotten £1500 sold both the above are english ford 2 letter 3 number non transferable also 1930s austin £300 transferable provisionally sold ginetta on a q plate...
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    I can't remember where the thread was for this, but here's some more net finds i've found........ :sniff::sniff::sniff::sniff::sniff::sniff::sniff::sniff:
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    as title can post £650.00
  8. Tech Discussion
    Rust within the water jacket any sugestions on how to get the water running clear or just put up with it :shake:
1-8 of 9 Results