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    I know.......... 7 pints of Lager, a Litre of Sangria, and 2 Vodkas will do funny things to you but, I wanted to have my name on the "last post" of all the boards!!! except the one that was closed, ( I could have photoshopped it in but that's cheating!)
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    I found this depressing sight on Flickr (apologies to the person who took the pic). Kev Reilander's Sweet & Sour Pontiac Lowrider. I loved this car when it was on the scene so I was none too happy to see it so neglected by a so-called "museum". This photo shows it covered in a thick layer of...
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    Full story here but you might not be able to see the attachments if you're not registered...
  4. On Topic How did this happen ! This is how it looked in 87!
1-4 of 5 Results