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  1. The Shelf
    1;25 is the norm for most of us. Anybody built bigger stuff, 1;16, 1;12, 1;8 ? Post up ya pics. Anybody got any spares ? I've got 3, 1;16 57's, coupe, conv & nomad. I've got drag style centrelines for the coupe, but only cragar 5 spokes for the other 2. Wanted a change, do other 1;16 kits come...
  2. The Shelf
    Where can I get Scale Auto Mag over here ? I want the latest Feb '10 & June 09 issues.
  3. Chat
    :rule::rule::rule::rule: check out build and pics..
  4. The Shelf
    Here's one I bet you've all done (at least the elder ones amogst us!!)!! Back in the 70's I (and Gary (54 Devon), Pierre etc) laid a length of Scalextric track all the way down the hall in my terraced house. We completed the cicuit with wire and had drag races with cars we made from the 1/32...
  5. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Sure theres some kit loons on here. A 57 Chevy 210 2 door sedan resin body, made by Jerrys House of Resin, in the States. No longer availible. You will need to buy a Revell 150 Black Widow kit to use all the other parts. Like all resin kits, needs a bit of extra work. Pic is off Jerrys site...
  6. Chat
    Have at look at at these the detail is fantastic. Brian.
1-6 of 6 Results