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    Excerpt from: The Diary of a Londoner living in the Scottish Highlands. OUR FIRST WINTER 19th December It started to snow today! The first of the season, and the very first we have seen for years. The wife and I took our hot toddies out onto the porch and watched the fluffy soft...
  2. History Archive
    Hi, I found this site yesterday and was amazed by the history section with over 200 old Scottish rods, many of which I have never seen before . Bob.
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    A very special post has just been made vacant, but the person required has to have very special skills for the job. SPECIALIST SKILLS REQUIRED AS FOLLOWS. 1 Must be Scottish and talk with a dogie accent,also being a tad over weight helps with the dogie ladder. 2 Must be able to balance a...
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    and all this for moaning about the £4.95 cheese burger (photo by john)
  5. On Topic
    pre 67 fords scottish ford day Bridge of allan 20 + cars meet up at Rays donut shop in Kincardine (scotlands premier donut shop) cheers Ray :D then a cruise up to Bridge of allan photos by john
1-5 of 5 Results