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  1. History Archive
    Hi, new here. I live not too many miles away from the old Woohouse yard in Barnsley. Once legendary for it's extensive collection of ultra-rare classic Yank iron. Now still there, but not much left. Fond memories of passing by the place as a kid when there were still some cool cars visible from...
  2. The Garage
    Got to many things on the go, like most of us.. Never voted this year ( again) cause no one will ever give me a wage rise and a 3 day week with 32 weeks holiday, so this stuff will just sit and rust till I get round to it. Latest mistake errr purchase was this Karmann Ghia. Seen it on ebay, had...
  3. Chat
    Whats the value of scrap metal at the mo? I have a shitbox 1996 Escort auto that is quite possably the worst car I have ever owned, and it's geting binned in the next couple of days. Is it worth me arseing about taking it to be weighed in or not? Or shall I just get some one to pick it up and...
  4. Chat
    :sniff::sniff::sniff: :sniff::sniff::sniff::sniff:
  5. Chat
    Anybody know what the price paid for ferrous scrap is? Is it recovering, or still rock bottom? Need a clear out.
  6. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    im not going to beat around the bush i dont have the heart to finish somthing that im not gonna actually want so im gonna build somthing i will enjoy :D im gonna put the bare shell up for grabs the only rust is where the wings bolt on to the body at the back easy job a strip of metal to...
  7. Chat
    I was over in Devizes this week and stopped off at the breakers yard on Kanes Hill. This is the first 'old school' breakers i have been into for many years. No problem wandering around and climbing over the cars. :tup: at the back of the yard was the viva below. Seems to have most of the...
1-7 of 9 Results