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  1. Tech Discussion
    On a slight follow up to my last query i do seem to have a bit of an oil leak. A patch of oil has appeared under the car since it was last used last month and upon inspection there seems to be oil covering various parts of the sump, which is a chrome aftermarket type, and it seems to sprayed...
  2. On Topic
    any body know where we can get the rubber seal for the filler/dipstick tube where it fits into the box, we got a leaky 1 :D thanks in advance
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    Does anyone have a drivers door window rubberfelt seal they don't need? Mine is missing and the weather down here isnt getting any better, i can soon put fish inside my door.:shake:
  4. Tech Discussion
    Last weekend I replaced both half shaft seals in my 105e rear axle because the nearside one was leaking and thought that would be it. Went back to the garage last night to find a nice little pool of oil seeping out between the backplate and drum again - DOH :mad: Any ideas on how to cure this...
  5. Chat
    Heres a couple of pics from the Seal Beach show this Sat
1-5 of 5 Results