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    ...tucked away in a quiet corner of Southeast London...
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    Here's a few from this morning, rained a bit, but so what!
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    a few more pics
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    just a few pics from last 2 months meet,last sunday all year rain or shine
  5. On Topic " THE DETONATORS " Invite you TO JOIN THEM AT "The London Rumble" Rods, Trucks, Kustoms, Classics, Chops, Bobbers, Café Racers all welcome. Eat breakfast, drink tea, and talk horse power, roof chops, channelling, metal flake, shades of satin black and show off...
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    I just had a car delivered by " Lantern Recovery ", couldn't help but notice this cute little message on the side piller of the recovery truck cab.... Is there a rodder in the company or just a secret admirer...:D
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    Hello. Finally made it to the secret cafe on a glorious morning. Pics 1,2,3, Fab 59 owned by the fab Paul Gatty. Pic 4, Pick-em-up truck owned by Kath and Paul Hoadley. Pic 5, Dont know who owns this but another fine car.
  9. What, Where, When ?
    On this Sunday from about 9-ish to early afternoon. Cafe is at the top of Shooters Hill, Sarf East London, just off Kenilworth Gardens. Good food and company. Feel free to pop along.
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    Just a quick one... The London Marathon is on Sunday Morning, so expect Shooter's Hill Road (The road that comes from the A2 down to where the cafe is) to be closed. I'm assuming diversion signs will be up, but basically you go past the exit you would normally come off at, take the next one and...
1-10 of 10 Results