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    I used to send and receive quite a few pallets with palletways through my other halfs work, but she no longer works for them and I need to send one now but I cant deal with palletways direct as I dont have an account, any one know of a pallet firm I can use ?
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    Picked up from t'other side thought i'd share. I and what seems a few others that have sent V5's off to DVLA are being caught out. I recently sold a car , sent the v5 off good as gold as you do. A few months later i get a letter from DVLA saying i haven't disposed of my car correctly. Seems they...
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    Has anyone mannaged to send back parts from the us that did not cost a fortune to do so ? Only I have got quite a few parts I need to bring back but fear I might be over my weight allowance. Any suggestions ?
1-3 of 3 Results