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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    NOW SOLD! Professionally cleaned (media blasted)will need new seal/handbrake pads. comes with new main pads. Bleed nipples are free. £35.00 buyer collects from emsworth. PM me for contact details Tony
  2. Tech Discussion
    I'm after a wiring diagram for the above please!! Or a clever person to be able to tell me the wire colours for the C4 ignition lockout, what the other 5 wires (in a block) are that hang off the gerabox and finally the wiring schematics for the old solid state brain!!! Any help appreciated ...
  3. Tech Discussion
    Finally getting my truck project started:woohoo: and need some dimensions. It's a 3/4 ton chassis being shortened to 1/2 ton wheelbase. Fitting a Jag axle in the back so standard dimensions no use. Front wings will be fitted for front axle placement. I don't have a bed yet so initial mock up...
  4. Chat
    Looks like they have taken on some of Boyds ex employees including everyones favourite Duane. (He was in the trailer for it the other night). :eek:
  5. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    This truck has been stripped back to bare cab/chassis with all worn parts replaced or reconditioned. Luckily it was a very solid truck to start with coming in from the states two years ago so not the usual rot box. In all over £5000 has been spent on new parts. The new and rebuilt parts are...
  6. Tech Discussion
    Ey up guys has anyone got access to pictures showing a jag master cylinder fitted to a yank pickup? i am putting jaguar running gear on my 59 chevy apache. seemed to make sense to put the matching cylinder and boosterwith pedal box in there. it would be handy to see how somebody else has done it...
  7. Stuff - WANTED
    My Pal Kookie needs a series 6 Morris Oxford bonnet for his wagon (that's the Farina shape one) If you have one kicking around then please Call Kookie on 07815 120895
  8. Chat
    Its almost 2 years to the day that Boyd Coddington sadly passed away causing the "Boyd Coddington Hotrods" company to close down. This is where the TV series "American Hotrod" which is showing every week night on freeview channel 38 Quest was filmed, I have also found out that Boyds right hand...
  9. Stuff - WANTED
    has any body got any 200 series volvo axles for sale. a manual axle is need as cheap as poss. cheers
  10. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Model: Morris Minor Year: 1954 Mileage: ? Tax: free MOT: Oct 2010 Location: Gloucester Price: 1500ono Additional Information: Very rare and sought after. 803cc Original long stick gearbox Cheesegrater grill Splitscreen Working Trafficators MOT til October 2010 Free Tax No seatbelts Clarendon...
  11. Stuff - WANTED
    Decided not to fit crossflow into minor.Now looking for 1275 ital/marina engine and box.Nearer to Portsmouth the better.
  12. Tech Discussion
    Hi there peeps, not a rod but deffo a sod my boys 216 has spat out his headgasket:sniff:, we are going to risk a rebuild without skimming (fingers crossed) thing is any one have an opinion on using hylomar red or blue? or do we think it is better off going on dry??? your thoughts will be...
  13. The Shelf
    here is some old kits i made years ago and ended up in a box , they all have been damage most bits are there , i will be listing them tonight on ebay if you want any to customize, they will be listed separately. good luck. ebay user name rawmodels.
  14. On Topic
    whats the going rate for a rolling resto series 2 these days im coming up to 17 in a few months and ive allways loved series 2's after messing about with them with my old man in my younger days has to be a 125 as i'll be 17 is under a £1000 a resonable starting point i know my dad picked up...
  15. Stuff - WANTED
    I need doors, grill suround, wings etc. Please let me know what you`ve got. I`m only interested in clean straight stuff, because I`ve already got the other kind!
1-15 of 15 Results