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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    I need all front sheet metal to convert my 39 ford standard to 39 delux or 40 standard or 40 41 truck. Have mint complete 39 standard front to swap or wil buy outright.
  2. On Topic
    anybody know of a stockist in the birmingam area, and what would you expect to pay for aluminium sheet? and what would be the best gauge for interior door cards etc? paul :tup:
  3. Tech Discussion
    I picked this up today, the last owner had striped it back to the bare aluminium with paint stripper with the intention of repainting it, it has a few scratches etc but is in pretty good shape generally, i want to polish it up like they do with the American Airstreams. I've polished plenty of...
  4. Tech Discussion
    Just crossing my mind, but when I need to weld in the sheet faces/ends to the arches on the Austin, the new metal will be at a right angle to the arch metal. Now, is it better to weld on the inside or the outside of the joint i.e the acute angle or the obtuse, inside or outside the arch? Does...
  5. Chat
    got some cash for xmas and was thinking of investing in some workshop tools these any good? or what would you recomend... i have a nibbler that fits in a drill but its still a faff and would like a tool that would work better...
  6. Vehicles - WANTED
    anyone got a bit of cork sheet i can have? need a bit to remake the seal that fits inside the petrol cap on my ride and they are not available to buy cheers ian
1-6 of 6 Results