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  1. The Shelf
    :Dpetrol pump tops and oil cans
  2. The Shelf
    heres my little collection;)
  3. The Shelf
    I like to collect hotwheels but not the run of the mill stuff. I try to keep it Rods or Drag car related.
  4. The Shelf
    heres a few of my got bored at work creations. all made from stainless steel crafted with nothing more than hammer grinder pliers and a good old tig set. (and a bead blaster and masking tape for the graphics)
  5. The Shelf
    I picked this HOTWHEELS up at my local supermarket.:cool: The other two pic's are where it all happens.......our spare room.:twisted:
  6. The Shelf
    Ok, this is a BIG shelf, for tri chevys of all sizes. Here's a few of mine, mixture of kits & die-cast. Most of the kits were built a long time ago. The blue & white coupe, along with the purple Plum Crazy funny car, are current works in progress. Couple of others. Milners coupe is being...
  7. The Shelf
    heres a couple that have been on my shelf for years :D
  8. Tech Discussion
    Got a second hand one, came with the mill/box (350/350) and it's been sat in a dry environment for at least 5 years (so, gawd knows how old it is!) Presuming it was a 'good un' from supplier can they still go off the boil? It's the big install before firing up for the first time and I'd be...
1-8 of 8 Results