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  1. On Topic
    Has anybody got any photo's they can post of model A's and T's that have been built with Sherpa front axles on them? Just trying to picture what they'd look like.
  2. Tech Discussion
    Ive been helping me brother with his Sherpa Steering box on his Rod, we have lengthened the pitman arm to eliminate bump steer and this in turn sped up the steering, which is great!! Does anyone know how to speed up the steering any further so we dont have to make so many turns of the steering...
  3. Tech Discussion
    Hi Folks Ian & Anne here... A question on leaf spring if I may. Our rod has a sherpa axle with the leaf spring running across the car. It is so stiff you can jump on the front chassis rail and it doesnt move! I've taken the spring apart and removed the top two leaves - it softens the spring...
  4. On Topic
    Anyone using or have used running gear from a Sherpa/LDV on a hot rod ? Be interested to know what your thoughts are as I have seen several ads for front and rear ends which say 'would suit hot rod'.
  5. Tech Discussion
    my roadster has a sherpa steering box.and its a bit vague and likes to keep you guessing where you are going next?how do I tighten the steering up.please.
1-5 of 5 Results