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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    I'm looking for a column shift steering column, to fit my '54 AD Chevy pick up, with a ZFHP22 4sp automatic fitted. So needs to have PRND123 positions, obviously.:incheek: Suggestions on possible fitments would be great.:tup:
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi People, As the title says I'm after a RHD Automatic column shift steering column for use in a 50's truck so nothing too modern. Will consider LHD columns as well. What have you got? Regards Steve
  3. Chat
    Right, getting pissed off with the beer gut. Just been to buy a new suit and I'm up to a 38in waist, always been pretty fit but over the last 5 years I've just stacked on about a stone and half. I struggled to get into my race suit last year, this year I'll have no chance. I sit on amy arse...
  4. Tech Discussion
    I discovered today that my car can be started in reverse due to wear in the linkage from the column shift to the gearbox. Not clever.... Rather than welding up worn holes & re-drilling I thought about replacing both rods with an adjustable rose jointed (rod-end) set up. Would M6 joints be...
  5. Stuff - WANTED
    any body have any of the yellow shift light chips for a auto-meter shift light? not the ones you have with fish ha ha!!!!!!
  6. Stuff - WANTED
    Specifically for a 56 belair 6 cyl manual , but i am assuming this linkage is common to all the three Tri Chevys. I need some non wonky gear shift rods if any one has any since converting to auto or raceing etc.. Finding it difficult to adjust out the sloppy gear change resulting in Jamming...
  7. Stuff - FOR SALE
    This is a kit to convert the normally computer controlled 4L80E transmission to full- manual and do away with the need for a computer. I've decided to stump up the dough for the computer for my 4L80E tranny, so I'm not gonna be using this. I bought it from: ebay oregon performance transissions...
  8. Tech Features
    Anyone got any bright ideas? I have installed a C4 in my 55 Ford Customline. It originally had a 2 speed Fordomatic and I want to keep the column change. I have looked at Lokar shifters and it would appear that a solid linkage would be impossible to route, so it looks like a cable one is the way...
  9. Stuff - FOR SALE
    N,O,S , Mr Gasket ( Pt No:7667 ), pick-up truck , 3 speed MANUAL column to floor shift conversion , fits all MANUAL column shifted : 55-86 chevy/gmc p/ups , 55-70 dodge p/ups , 55-86 ford p/ups , brand new , never fitted , n.o.s conversion : includes KOOL 18" CHROME FLOOR SHIFTER , black nob...
1-9 of 9 Results