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    ROCKABILLY LIGGY RockabillyLiggy - Homepage The place to find alternative artwork and accessories. Hello everyone, The new website has just been launched today! Click above link to go straight to site. 5% off Discount Code If anyone would like a 5% off voucher code for all purchases please...
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    hi all if u remember i had a lot of trouble and hasle with a Burton power shop i spoke to a 2nd shop in essex at this place is perfect SPECIALISED ENGINES they knew what o was on about the parts they had and there was some nice info and history on the parts they where selling im very pleased...
  3. Tech Discussion
    hi all i dont know if this is in the right area but i need decent shop that sells parts for granada 2.8 engines and cortina mk3 bodys as i ordered things off burton power and they mucked up big time and spoke to two there and they both had no idea what a granada exhaust stud size was ??? any...
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    found this on the garage journal forum.. :eek::cool::tup:
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    Went to Hastings for a couple of days, and while walking around the old town saw this in the flower shop window. Quick chat to Chris the owner of the flower shop, he said that he was going to restore it but it was too rusty. Said that he had a 63 olds as well.
  6. On Topic
    Is this the Biggest Hot Rod shop in the World , Its Reids Hot Rods , they are situated in Los Angles
  7. On Topic
    Continuing on my journey around Southern California , the next stop was the so Cal Speed Shop, Everyone that likes Hot rods should make a trip to this place
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    Rods n Sods Shop Yes a shop is now open.........Only one thing...:!: @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ You into Fishing ........... ......... But We Cod be on to some thing here what you Think You Know this answers a question for me and now I know "Case Closed" Roflmao...
  9. On Topic
    Hi Guys I have a mate who has an old Jag (XJ6) that is in VGC, but needs some TLC. Lee has no apitude in doing the work, but wants the car back on the road as it has sat for over two months without turning a wheel! (And he loves he bloody thing! Any ideas I can pass on?
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    Can anyone please tell me the name of the big Speed Shop in Orlando Florida. I've forgotten and can't find anything of use on Google. Many thanks if so. Cheers Bazza
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    wasn't there an online shop where i could spend my pennies in on here at one time ? or was i dreaming it :S
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    I know it's sunday but does anyone know when the RnS shop will be open again? there is a couple of bits i want (not need) but i missed out at the swap meet as si had packed up by the time i found him L:shock:N
  13. On Topic
    Can any one help me,I would like a photo of an Amazon Volvo 2dr if poss, Building a mild Kustom with my boy Andrew (13)Lowered ,Frenched lights,reworked Grill Etc 3 colour ideas... 1 x flat light blue ,Dark blue flake roof 2 x Metalliic Gunmetal grey 3 x primer?Grey,red oxide,black Can any one...
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    ..............for picking some bits for me at the swap meet today as I couldnt make it Cheers Martin and Polly
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    Well, not everyone, just those that chose to have stuff posted. In fact, even more specifically to those who don't read what's on the page ;) I've had a few requests through recently about orders from the shop i.e. I've not had my stuff through yet. On the forum posts on here, the checkout...
  16. Stuff - FOR SALE
    OK, I've just closed my eBay shop, time constraints etc, and now want to sell off my stock as a job lot. Below is an approximate list of quantities of stock. Sorry, but I'm not going to be able to "see if I've got an "XYZ" for an "XYZ" " in the spares I've got. Some of it goes back to the...
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    Just saw that Chop Shop is on here in Florida. I thought, i'll just keep quiet about it. Tonight in the Bar one of the car guys says hey there's a UK car show on with two guys, Bernie and Lepoo. Nowhere to hide! I always thought that we had got a good car reputation in the US, if anyone was...
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    Thanks to all that came to the open day and Saturday Chop Shop yesterday. Work started at 9.45am yesterday and Al and Chris drove the car to Guildford Hot 50's Rock n Roll Club at 10pm last night. Great day and we hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.
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    We've got a new addition for those not keen on the 'pullover' style hoodie. There's now a full zipped version of the hoodie. If anyone has ordered a 'pullover' style one and would like to change it to a 'zipped' version then please PM me. Note, the zipped version is £2 more. Also, make sure...
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    I finally got around to watching one of the Chop Shop programmes on TV, what a load of pants.:pmsl: One thing that I noticed was that they told Martin Kemp that their Gangster Car would pass SVA. How would they manage that with all of the mods done to it, or is it all a load of bollox?? What...
1-20 of 31 Results