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  1. History Archive
    Robin Cook has been into cars since 1978 and has taken many, many photos from shows over the years. There is currently a Facebook page @AcrossTheDecades where these pics are being uploaded to, but as it was only started a couple of months ago there are still a lot more gems to come...
  2. What, Where, When ?
    BROMLEY PAGEANT of MOTORING, Norman Park, Bromley Kent Sunday 9th June 2013. BloodSweat'N'Gears, are holding a main stand of 10 cars of Hot Rod&Custom cars, At £5 a car inc 2 in a car. If you would like to come with your car then get in contact.. be Quick!!:tup:
  3. What, Where, When ?
    Just a heads up, SPRING BREAK will be back in 2013... 2012 was a great start, but bloody cold! Bands, Grasstrack Oval, Cars and Bikes... just more of everything, but revised prices... (yes cheaper). Hopefully you will have read the excellent reviews in Custom Car and Street Times... and be...
  4. Chat
    Hi all does anyone know of any classic cars shows on in kent or essex area this sunday? Cheers
  5. Chat
    Hi all I love going to car shows but having a splitscreen have really only attended VW events, I'd like to broaden my horizon, see the light so to speak and start attending custom and hotrod shows. Where do you find the lists for them in your area? My youngest Son loves cars and photography...
  6. History Archive
    Following on from a PA Cresta car jump pic i posted on another thread heres some more... Did any of yous see these crazy jumps-where you at the track. The cars must of had some roll bar to protect the good looking lady. There was another similer jump using a Rover SDI and another with a...
  7. History Archive
    CUSTOM CAR SHOW REX CENTRE BIRMINGHAM. Sorry about the quality, not a very good flash. Debut show for Brian Bruces '48 Chevy, it won Best of Show & Participants Choice. Cliff Moores '30 Tudor. Rubellion. Keith Atkinsons A roadster. Pete Fowlers Dirty 30. Gordon Jones...
  8. History Archive
    RIVERSIDE STREET CRUISERS HANWORTH AIRPARK. Dave Lowes rather smashing Devon, judging by the lack of sidetrim this must've been one of its early outings. Ian Normans Pop, Popeye, blown Rover Riley & Bert Englefields '32. LINGFIELD RACECOURSE. High riding Mk1 Capri...
  9. The Shelf
    anybody got any pics from past shows,Do you remember the Watford Model show..the custom car/hot rods were upstairs or the Natonals at great Leys. anyway heres some pics from Wheels Day a few years back
  10. History Archive
    Rod & Custom Shows, Belle Vue, Manchester I am currently creating a book about the Belle Vue Rod & Custom Shows and various people have already contributed - people like: Nick Butler, Odgie, Holmsey et al. Mike Key has also donated around 1500 photographs(!) But….. Was your dad there...
  11. History Archive
    This is the car that was found in storage with a 427 Galaxie... the guy must've been a serious speed freak importing a 2 year old Yenko Camaro :smoke:
  12. On Topic
    Anyone remember this ?
  13. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    Did you see DW's Diner & the Fire Engine Bar at Wheels Day? Thats us! We do themed mobile catering & bars for all sorts of shows, but particularly love car or American shows as all of our units are based around vehicles. A 1947 Diamond T tows the Diner & a 1949 American La France fire engine...
1-13 of 13 Results