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  1. Tech Discussion
    Looking for tips for building a simple, budget system for my truck. It’s got a 350 with ram-horn type manifolds, but nothing beyond that. I have zero equipment (or talent) for bending/welding, so can I collect parts off the shelf to cut/join/etc to suit (without resorting to that flexi stuff)...
  2. On Topic
    i have done a few mods to my volvo but in my eyes it still looked a bit short/ today i messed about the chrome strip down the side and extended it so it runs to end of front/rear wings.i think it makes car look a lot better
  3. Tech Discussion
    My rodded Pop didnt come with a handbook so i dont know what tyre pressures it should run... any suggestions? Its on 25psi all round at the moment... too low?
1-3 of 3 Results