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    I've got my pair, go get yours! bargain,:D
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    Hi Bob, Dunno if you are in touch with the matey with that Olds wagon but these 58 Olds poverty caps are on ebay right now! Stew...
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    Had an 'issue' with the 'bed on the Pop last weekend, so today I did something about it... Before: Looks a bit 'stumpy'??? After: Looks better proportioned yes??? Well I hope so, because I have cut up the temporary 'bed, and started to make a 'proper' one...!!! :cool:
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    This is genuine. The gentlemen concerned are just finishing the job off putting the bollards in. I dont think they have realised just yet , how they are going to get out....remember this is genuine.:cool:
1-5 of 5 Results