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  1. Chat
    Its often said "if it aint broke don't fix it" Well someone has truly fixed the site why!!! None of the links to the right of the home page work. The requested URL /showthread.php was not found on this server. whats going on?:roll:
  2. Chat
    Just wondering if anyone got it :beuj: Not chasing but a few people have been in touch now to say they never got an expiry reminder email so had not noticed. Anyone else's donation status changed and not had an email reminder letting them know ? Cheers,
  3. Tech Discussion
    found this site which seems to have lots of usefull info (found it because of the wheel comparator) hope it is of help to someone ttfn glenn
  4. Chat
    I was looking at the comments on Customer Car and added some, But as i was doing this thought this was a good idea. In the FREEBIES section get the GIVER to agree a donation with the COLLECTOR on collection of goods. O.K it only has to be say no less than £5.00 or more depending on article or...
  5. Tech Discussion
    Found this site if it helps anyone..... Cheers Rich
  6. On Topic
    Check it out at Add your car if you have any prof' photos
  7. Chat
    As the title says....... which sites do you use if buying a used vehicle. ? ( i bought a very good ringer 6 years ago and had it taken back ) HPi was useless as wasnt the vehicle it preported to be.
  8. Chat
    I can go on any other site and see pictures no problem. Why is it only this site that they won't download on? My computer just sits gurgling and churning but no pictures come up. It's been like this since Christmas! I don't want to look at the shit on other sites I want to be able to see whats...
  9. Chat
    Thought i would have a look on valley gas site other night wanted to see if anything on about the 32 bodies an chassis they had an advert for in last months custom car, clicked on computer went mad with virus now if try go on wont let me says its a attack site an harmful any one else had any prob,
  10. Chat
    What's the story ? no website or forum for a few days now ?,Bry
  11. Chat the bollocks....:tup:
  12. Chat
    is it just me or is the site really slow to night . waiting for adjug ? other places seem ok . si ?
  13. How-To Guides & FAQ Section
    tryed to donate to the site but dont have a paypal acount is there any other way????? cheers john
  14. Chat
    The Whitby kustom web site has been updated ready for this years show. It has a new look and is still under construction. New features include a photo gallery of the 09 show. There is also a members forum. Go check it out if you were at the last one. Go check it out if you fancy coming to the...
  15. Chat
    much better!
  16. Chat
  17. History Archive
    Hi, I found this site yesterday and was amazed by the history section with over 200 old Scottish rods, many of which I have never seen before . Bob.
  18. Chat
    Hi Folks For those who like the bug thingy :tup: this site has lots to offer for sale. I know it's across the pond but they claim vw's float :shocked: :D
  19. The Shelf
    been very quite on here you all must be making kits, well i reckon this is going to be a good kit build off cannot wait to see all the kits done, i'm having a few probs with mine had to walk away for a day or two, or i would take a hammer to it lol, :D
  20. Chat
    Due to the weather I recon it could be well busy on here today. Cant even go shopping (:tup:) May just have to dig through some mags and finish my scrap books of the truck and 32. What are you all up 2 ?
1-20 of 31 Results